Glaze Kitchen

Type of space: Visual Art Studio, Makerspace (Shared open space for making)

    The Glaze Kitchen is a special, self-service place where you can make a glaze from a recipe, or invent something new, and only pay for what you use: for the day you need it and the grams you use.

    The Glaze Kitchen is open upon appointment, as well as within business contact hours (10-5pm weekdays). If you have been inducted into the Workshop, The Glaze Kitchen is not included. 

    You must be inducted to use the Glaze Kitchen self-service materials: this is so we know you know how to behave safely and log your use accurately. This earns you a license to Glaze Kitchen and allows you to work unsupervised in the space. 

    Pricing Terms

    Bookings are taken only through our website, please use the contact form to find out more.

    Special Requirements

    The Glaze Kitchen is a Specialist space which requires patrons to be inducted before use.

    Parking Notes

    Parking accessible via Wigram Lane

    This space is suitable for Ceramics


    • Ceiling Height Standard (up to 3m)
    • Max. Capacity 2


    For audience
    • Bold signage

    • Public transport

    • Suitable emergency exits

    • Suitable lighting

    For performers
    • Suitable emergency exits

    • Suitable lighting

    • Suitable signage