Loop Project Space & Bar

Type of space: Non Traditional (e.g. foyer, waiting room, bus shelter, letter-boxes)

    Loop offers a unique bar and cultural experience through an ever-changing program of film screenings, audio visual performances, DJ based events, creative forums or exhibitions. Because of this, Loop is always looking for contemporary artists that are creating cutting edge and independent creative projects.

    Gallery Space:

    Loophole is an opportunity for local and emerging designers, artists, craft and accessory makers to show innovative and experimental work in our cabinet display spaces. The work will be seen in the context of the busy, well established Loop Project Space & Bar. Curators are welcome to put together group exhibitions as well.

    Loophole is comprised of four glass vitrines, situated in the alcoves and alongside the screens at Loop. Glass shelving can be provided within the vitrines for the display of smaller objects.

    With our Loophole concept, Loop further extends its support to contemporary artists working with a wide range of media. The display spaces will present a broad spectrum of works to an informed and engaged public audience.

    What are the Cabinet Specs?

    The cabinets stand at 138cm high, 65cm wide with a depth of 33 cm.

    Up to 4 glass shelves can be installed to divide the space into 5 different sections, at a height of 26.5cm.

    The cabinets are back lit and lights can be dimmed to suit the work.


    Lease Conditions

    Spaces for independent artists to showcase their work without any hire fees. We can assist in host launch parties and cast & crew screenings. The date can be organised with the project/events manager.

    Parking Notes

    There is a Wilson's carpark directly behind the venue. 15min parking on the lane way can occur before 5pm

    This space is suitable for Exhibitions


    For audience
    • Accessible toilet

    • Close seating

    • Flexible layout

    • Public transport

    • Smooth ground surface

    • Suitable lighting

    • Wheelchair accessible