Oaklands Productions

Type of space: Film Editing Suite, Multi-use Space, Rehearsal Space

    Recording Studio Melbourne

    Oaklands Recording Studios Australia offers a wide range of services from simple band demos right up to full surround sound mixes for motion picture and television. We have a number of studios catering to a wide variety of requirements. Oaklands offers four control rooms and seven recording spaces.

    Clients have the option to mix fully in the digital domain within the Pro Tools HD3 Accel computer software utilising our control surfaces or to come “out-of-the-box’ and mix back through the sweet sounding Harrison Series10 analogue desk and racks of outboard gear. The Harrison Series10 offers 128 channels of pristine analogue signal processing with four band parametric EQ, two filters, compressor, gate and endless routing possibilities on every channel. It features full dynamic automation with flying faders. This gives the amazing sound only a large format analogue console can offer as well as the flexibility of full automation and recall settings.

    The studio has facility to record up to 96 tracks at once and can play back up to 256 tracks simultaneously. The mix can be automated and edited using the available control surfaces with motorised moving faders.

    Another advantage of the studio is its comprehensive microphone and outboard list. We have a selection of vintage and modern tubes like the Neumann U47 and M49, AKG C12 and Rode Classic II as well as the solid state classics like the Neumann U87, TLM170, KM183 and AKG C414. We also have an extensive range of ribbon and dynamic mics including the RCA 44BX, RCA 77DX, AEA88, Coles 4038, Sennheiser MD421 and MD441. Our outboard includes classics such as the Universal Audio LA2A, LA4, 1176, Avalon 737, dbx 160, Millennia HV-3D and a pair of Focusrite Liquid Channels that can emulate alsmost any mic pre and compressor on the planet, it features mic pres and compressors from Neve, SSL, Cranesong, Millenia, DW Fearn, Universal Audio, Telefunken to name but a few. This is a very versatile piece of gear and is capable of producing whatever sound you want to achieve.



    Oaklands has recently completed construction on the new facility featuring a large tracking room, large mix room, smaller mix rooms and iso booths. Any ensemble can now be catered for in house, we can support ensembles from soloists through to Symphony Orchestra. This is a state of the art facility based on the ABC Studios at Southbank. The studio has been designed and built by acoustic guru Graham Thirkell.

    All rooms in the facility are connected via video link, audio tie lines and a computer network system.


    Pricing Terms

    Recording Studio Rates

    Hourly Rate: $88.00 per hour (minimum 3 hour booking*)

    8 Hour Day: $700.00 (additional hours $75.00 per hour)

    10 Hour Day: $850.00 (additional hours $50.00 per hour)

    12+ Hour Day: $950.00 (no additional costs apply for extra hours)

    Mastering: $90.00 per Track

    Rates include GST and an engineer

    *Shorter sessions can be arranged if engineer is available.

    Lease Conditions

    Studio Terms and Conditions

    - A deposit of 20% of the session booking is required to reserve the date/s (This is non refundable).

    - The balance of the booking is due 3 days before the first session.

    - No product will be released unless the project has been paid for in full.

    - All recorded materials remain the propery of Oaklands Producitons Pty Ltd until full payment has been made.

    Parking Notes

    Limited street parking.

    Bunnings carpark available next door.

    This space is suitable for DanceFilmFilm LocationMusic / SoundNew MediaPerformanceSinging


    For audience
    • Accessible toilet

    • Entrance ramps

    • Public transport

    • Smooth ground surface

    • Suitable emergency exits

    • Suitable lighting

    • Wheelchair accessible

    For performers
    • Arriving / exiting ramp

    • Reachable door handles

    • Smooth ground surface

    • Suitable emergency exits

    • Suitable lighting

    • Suitable signage

    • Suitable telephone/communication

    • Video system for capture

    • Visual monitors