Piano Tracking Studio

Type of space: Film Editing Suite, Music Rehearsal Space, Photography and Film Location, Rehearsal Space, Sound Recording Studio

    Comfortable and inspiring piano tracking studio. We welcome songwriters, producers and artists looking to write and produce music or track piano at their own pace.

    This studio is self-service studios (no engineer provided/ optional) we'll set you up and make sure you’re comfortable.. you can then get lost in your own world and create comfortably in your own time.

    We operate 24/7 - Access times for multiple-day bookings are extremely flexible.


    Mic Pres

    Vintech 473

    JLM Audio Baby Animal


    Emperical Labs Disstressor EL8-X

    Stam Audio SA-2A


    Gyraf EQP-1A

    Avalon Design 747


    Eventide H3000b

    TC Electronics 2290

    ProCo R2DU

    Line 6 Mod Pro

    Line 6 Echo Pro

    Line 6 Filter Pro

    Lexicon PCM91

    Sound Card: Lynx Audio Aurora 16

    Speakers: Adam A5 + Sub, Yamaha NS10, Crown D120 amp

    Monitoring: PreSonus Monitor Station V2, Avid Artist Mix

    Piano: Yamaha Upright Piano JU109

    Piano Mics: AKG 414 XLS (x2)

    Pricing Terms

    We’ll meet you at the start of the session to provide access and set you up on your first day

    Bump-In - From 6am

    Bump-Out - 10pm

    Note: There are no times limits for consecutive days

    This space is suitable for Music / SoundWorkshops


    • Floor Dimensions 25.00 meters sq.
    • Ceiling Height Standard (up to 3m)
    • Max. Capacity 8


    For audience
    • Accessible toilet

    • Bold signage

    • Disabled parking

    • Drop-off point

    • Entrance ramps

    • Public transport

    • Suitable emergency exits

    • Suitable lighting

    • Wheelchair accessible

    • Wide hallways / entrance

    For performers
    • Arriving / exiting ramp

    • Reachable door handles

    • Smooth ground surface

    • Suitable emergency exits

    • Suitable lighting

    • Suitable signage