Studio 501 at the sheds

Type of space: Photography Studio

    STUDIO 501 is one of Sydney's largest studio spaces at almost 200sqm. Used by top photographers from Oyster to RUSSh Magazine and beyond. You know you're getting the best studio experience available in Sydney, which includes the largest white cyclorama we know of and the studio benefits from loads of natural lighting which of course can be blocked out when required.

    Lighting and all equipment is included in the booking as well free refreshments, the only extra we charge for is for use of paper backgrounds at $60 per colour used.

    Full Day - 9am-6pm $600

    1/2 Day  9-1pm or 1:30pm-5:30pm $350 inc gst 

    That includes all the gear listed, cyc repaint if required and refeshments  

    Evening Special  6:30pm-9:30pm $250 inc gst

    The space has direct access from the street via loading dock to help with bump in and bump outs

    Pricing Terms

    1. Who will be there to open and close the studio?

    We always have a staff member at the studio desk to open and close and help if any issues arrise.

    2. Is there free parking or studio parking?

    Yes loads of free parking around, can drive into the studio if you want or park outside the main garage door

    3. Can I come and check out the studio sometime?

    Sure, but is usually has to be around booking schedules as that is when we have staff around to show you.

    4. Can I arrive early early for my booking to set up?

    Sure you can, but that is taken into account for your total allocated time, while you are there we are paying staff. If you want more time then the overtime rate is available.

    5. I want to arrive at 5am or I want to shoot past 11:30pm.

    Yes of course, but we apply a surcharge for times before 7:30am and after 11:45pm. So we can pay for our staff to arrive and leave safely.

    6. We see you have FREE refreshments, we have a group of 5000000 people coming so you will cater for them?

    No, we offer a fair use policy, there is usually enough water and fizzy's for up to 10 people. once its gone its not replaced or refilled.

    7. Can we do a deal or can I have a discount because I am awesome?

    We offer a low rate for everyone, to keep the studio awesome we dont offer discounts.

    8. Do you have wifi, music system, chairs....

    Yes we have all of cool.

    9. Do you do events or parties?

    Depends on what you are doing, if you are planning 100 drunk people, then NO, if you are doing a small workshop. No problem, Although surcharges might apply

    10. Is the studio private use only.

    Yes this isnt a shared space. you are the only person using it when booked.

    11. IS the studio suitable for video with sound

    We are not a sound proof studio but its pretty quiet, I suggest you come and check it out first.

    12. We want to use a paint bomb or throw flour and paint dust everywhere....

    Sounds like fun, sure but you are responsible to clean the studio afterward, for flour or paint powder there is also a addition cleaning fee as it usually takes a day to settle and gets everywhere.

    13. Smoke machines

    As long as you arent lighting a fire and its a chemical smoke machine then no problem

    14. I just broke one of your lights

    Clients a liable for all breakages in the studio, so look after it like its your own.

    Parking Notes

    Street and on site

    This space is suitable for Photography


    • Floor Dimensions 200.00 meters sq.
    • Ceiling Height Very High (4m +)


    For audience
    • Entrance ramps

    For performers
    • Suitable lighting