The Sound Space

Type of space: Sound Recording Studio

    The Sound Space is an audio and music video recording studio and PA systems business, which operates in Peachester in the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, about an hour north of Brisbane. As well as offering excellent quality recording and production services at very affordable rates, we offer small PA services with sound engineer - especially for folk, world, blues n roots, alternative DJ, jazz and classical musicians, along with sound art for galleries, dance and theatre.

    [glasshouse view 26.12.09]

    The Director, Dr Michael Whiticker, has had a long career in music as a composer (including composer residencies with the Australian Opera and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), a lecturer in Composition and Music Technology (University of Western Sydney and James Cook University), a studio operator and director of festivals and music organisations (Music Centre North Queensland, Arts Exposure, The River Festival - Townsville, the See Hear Now Festival - Townsville) and collaborator on a huge range of projects covering album engineering, co-writing and production, through to collaborating on dance, theatre and gallery projects. 

    Michael’s present on-going projects include the Glasshouse Musos and the Unplugged, a series of short video projects that feature the creative work of a range of artists from this region, from song writers to visual artists. Our new studios are situated on a farm in a lovely part of the country with sweeping views, space and quiet. With winters being just cool enough for a fire and with whisper-quiet air conditioned rooms, it really is an ideal working environment with Maleny and Woodford only 15 minutes away. 

    The Recording Studios

    The studios are acoustically isolated rooms with green glue (low frequency) soundproofing, in the ceilings and walls and consists of a: 

    Control room: 3.85 x 4.9 metres. A good sounding room for mixing, insulated with super-chunky bass traps, bass and mid frequency traps and acoustic tiles (high frequency attenuation); 

    Dead room: 2.2 x 2.6 metres with ceiling raked from 2.3 to 2.65 metres. A very dead room with bass and mid frequency traps and acoustic tiles (high frequency) insulation. 

    Live room: 13.5 x 4.9 metres with cathedral ceiling raked from 2.4 to 3.1 metres. A very pleasant room in which to rehearse and record, and with a few lights set up is especially good for live video recording. 

    Machine and amp room: 5.9 x 2.4 metres with ceiling raked from 2.4 to 2.7 metres. I haven’t used it yet, but one day someone will appear with a 200 watt stack… 

    Rooms sit on concrete slab and are carpeted. 

    The Equipment 

    We are Mac studios running Pro Tools 11 with a Midas Venice F24 (hybrid firewire) desk. There is a more than reasonable range of preamps, mics and audio monitors from companies such as JLM, Joe Meek, DBX, Mackie, Avid, M-audio, Shure, Earthworks, Beezneez, AKG, Sennheiser, Rode, CAD, Yamaha, Korg, Fostex, Prosonus and keyboards include the Korg Kronos, Yamaha Motif, Korg TR 76 and Technics P30 - 88 note digital piano. Martin, Yamaha and Line 6 guitars and Taylor baritone guitar and Cole Clark Violap lapslide are available along with a range of basses. Roland electronic TD-4 drums and Handsonic HPD-15 drum pads, and guitar amps from Line 6 and Vox. Boss ME-70 and Zoom A3 guitar pedals, and Roland RC-300 and Digitech Jamman stereo loopers. Along with Pro Tools there are various plug ins from companies such as IZotope, Waves, Toontracks and TRacks and other useful software programs such as Logic, Ableton Live 8 (with the Akai APC 40 controller) and the 2014 audiophile version of Band in a Box.

    We can also record live shows with the Allen and Heath QU16 allowing 18 channels to be recorded direct to hard drive as 24 bit Wav files. For field recording we have the Fostex FR-2LE and the simple handheld Zoom Q3HD. Video cameras, including the impressive Sony NX70 and the Sony XR350 camcorder, allow us to record videos of your live shows which we edit using Adobe Premiere software.