underground ARTspace

Type of space: Art Gallery, Visual Art Studio

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    We have 1 single studio AND 1 double spaces currently available, one available now. Our spaces come up very rarely - people tend to stay awhile. 

    There are 12 possible studios in space - all stunning (less if people take dbl). Our ARTspace suits any creative field really. We are yet to find the right person to join our creative cohorts - why not you?

    You will be sharing the ARTspace with all kinds of other creatives - we're really not picky about your occupation (just your sense of humour!) There's a stunning group of people, all driven by their love of creativity, and a desire to support each other and creativity. What's fundamentally REALLY important to us, (and we think entirely responsible for the success of the ARTspace) is that we share with like minded folks that value the importance of supporting and respecting their peers. We want to share space with someone who encourages others and lifts the energy of the space, as a whole. There's no pretence about our crew (it's a wanker free zone). I think it's a huge part of why we turn 7 on March 1st!

    Prices are usage dependant with 24 hour access. There are kitchen / bathroom facilities. The ARTspace is an Artist run space, so non profit driven - which means prices are not negotiable. It includes all amenities. Internet usage is shared between us, we divide the cost between us (capped) - seriously amazing connection!

    There's something really special about being a part of a group of creative people, a wealth of information - and a glorious space to boot. Give yourself the gift of your own creative space - your deserve it! 


    Simply, a space for the ARTS. A destination/location/platform set up by Kere M Baker of Red Olive Studios. After an entire year of searching in 2009, and finding anywhere remotely local was either short term and/or ridiculously expensive, an idea formed and a space presented itself. In an effort to provide affordable Studio space, somewhere for local creatives to, well, create…the underground ARTspace was founded. It is now the home of at least 12 creatives at any given time in their own studio spaces. The main/common area (available half - full day) is available on occasion with a comparably small fee, which essentially covers the cost of having somethere there. This changes with regular advanced bookings.

    You bring your vision, and we provide the space.

    Initially the ARTspace flew under the Red Olive Studios banner, however the ARTspace itself has been the core of it all,the constant, a continuing and functions very independantly, with a sincerely awesome bunch or locals doing what they do.

    It’s literally an underground space, which is quite special – so there’s a kind of exclusive, boutique feel about it. It’s raw and industrial, and pretty unique. It opens to an incredible backyard which has seen many days with easels and paint on sunny days, bubbles and tealight candles for events.

    It’s a wonderful space, with kitchen and full bathroom facilities, an incredible leafy and inspiring backyard. These days it functions more as work / studio space - the Gallery area having been reduced as time went on.


    * We are a private studio where people come and go, so we don't have someone there at all times. We all kind of wander in and out (another perk being able to come and go as we please). This means you'll need to make an appointment to view the space.

    * Studios are for single usage (one person) and for a trial term of 3 months. The single spaces can not be shared.

    * Out of respect to fellow occupants, we don't allow workshops and classes in your studio space. To compensate this, we heavily subside the main area to residents having workshops.

    * Prices are usage dependant and based on a most creative fields. Should your creative outlet use a lot of moving machinery, allowance needs to be made for additional electricity usage.

    Pricing Terms

    Space includes 24 hour access and electricity. Charges are usage dependant ie. set for a painter. If space was to be used for jeweller, potter or anything using maximum electricity.

    Shared internet also available.

    Lease Conditions

    We run the space not profit based, so to make it managable and stop others missing out we ask simply for a 3 month commitment. If it's not working for either party - let us know one month before. We've been around for 6+ years now, and have had some with us for 4 year stretches, so you're welcome to stay as long as you like!

    Parking Notes

    Street parking. Very close to Stockland Balgowlah and nearby unrestricted street parking.

    This space is suitable for AnimationAnimatronicsArchitectureArts and CraftCeramicsCo-workingDigital DesktopDrawingExhibitionsFashionFilmGraphic DesignInstallationInterior DesignJewelleryMeetingsPaintingPhotographyPrintmakingProject SpaceRetailSculptureSpoken WordStylingTextilesWorkshopsWriting


    • Floor Dimensions Negotiable
    • Ceiling Height Various


    For audience
    • Accessible toilet

    • Flexible layout

    • Public transport

    • Smooth ground surface