Visual artist working in River Studios

About Louise

Through my art practice I want to re-mystify our connection with the more-than-human world. I want to shift the viewer’s attention away from handheld connectivity with a virtual/urban world and move it to a walkthrough experience of the material/natural world. Formed at the nexus between the prosaic and the poetic, my installations are intended to re-charge the relationship we have with the world around us. In my works, the viewer participates as a universal figure in a metaphorical landscape, either by physically entering a field of sculptural elements, or by imaginatively engaging in the conceptual realms evoked by that field. Increasingly I am involved in collaborative works that have a performative or participatory focus.

Generally I make large-scale works (both permanent and temporary) for public spaces. On occasion I exhibit in galleries and outdoor sculpture competitions. Many of my projects are commissioned by private clients or local government. Others are self-initiated or collaborative projects funded by grants and philanthropic patronage. I count proposal writing as the central pillar of my practice, the means by which I shape and hone my ideas for new works, whether they are realised or not.

How do you use your studio?

My studio is an extension of my headspace. It is where I think and write and research ideas. It is also where I make models and drawings for new projects or perhaps handmade components for temporary works. For permanent works I tend to use fabricators so when these are underway, my studio becomes more of a project management office.