Multi-disciplinary Artist working in River Studios

What appealed to you most about your studio space when you first saw it?

It was large and clean and simple with great light and open atmosphere. A fresh page.


How have you made this space your own?

As soon as I could, I started pinning my notes and lists and thoughts up on the walls. I have surrounded myself with materials in the space that inspire me. Recently added materials include; essential oils, various lighting mechanisms, mirrors, beads, coyote teeth, yoga matting, a faux peach coloured cockle shell and dry flowers.


What do you create or make in your studio?

I would say that 80% of my time in the space is spent researching, thinking and making preparations in order to make work. It is a haven for me. A quiet space to consider ideas and when they have incubated sufficiently, there is ample space to put them into play.

Recently, as part of a satellite show at Aesop for the Melbourne Art Fair, I created a perfume based on my own body scent. It involved conducting an analysis of the use of perfumes in all facets of my life and the procurement of sweat and tears from my own body.

I also recently produced a body of work exploring grief, inspired by research conducted through reading The Top Ten Self Help Books of the 90's. The resulting works were independently self-lit by various lighting mechanisms, including candlelight, spots and by a strobe.


What is your favourite item in your studio at the moment (or in the whole building)?

Because my practice is not process, material or object based, but rather research and conceptually based, I'm not an artist that spends hours in the studio making and obsessing over my craft, but I do spend hours in the studio researching/thinking/conceptualising - so apart from the ‘fresh page’ of the studio, it’s really the location of the studios as a whole that I find interesting - bordered by an industrial area, shipping container yard and edging Footscray's hub, with the nearby river providing a perfect lunch spot in which to reset for the afternoon.


"My practice involves a reflective interest in self-improvement in all facets of my life, including my mental health, relationships and the outside world. Naturally self critical, the use of myself within my work, errs on the positive rim of narcissism, engaging the public in a relatable and public dialogue of the realities of one’s everyday. Materialising as sculpture, installation, scripts, drawings, audio, video and photographs, these humorous, deeply self-exploratory and self-depreciative works persist with the questions, “Who am I?” and, “I am just like you (Aren’t I?).”

Holmes recently completed an Honours year in the Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) course at The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Prior to this, Holmes completed a Diploma of Visual Art at RMIT. In 2011, Holmes was the winner of the Toyota Undergraduate Award and a recipient of a Melbourne University Arts Union Grant. Recent projects have included solo exhibitions at The Library Artspace, China Heights Gallery, Blindside Gallery and group shows at Anna Pappas, Platform and Margaret Lawrence Galleries.