Artist working in River Studios

About Catherine

Catherine Johnstone is a Melbourne-based multi-disciplinary artist with a background in film and writing. In 2014 she completed the Master of Contemporary Art at VCA. In two solo exhibitions in 2015, Catherine used video and other objects in installations. She uses various media in her art practice, including video, audio, oils, ink and watercolour. In general, her work is about transcultural issues and perceptions of social and cultural identity.

Catherine has been selected for the Toyota Sculpture Exhibition and Globelight at Anita Traverso Gallery. She was also awarded a bursary for $5000 at VCA and the Fiona Myer and Myer Foundation International Travel Grant of $8000 to attend the Venice Biennale and do an Italian residency. She has been to two residencies in Italy and one in Toronto.

She also completed a Graduate Diploma of Film and Television at VCA and has made award-winning short films that have screened on SBS television and in international film festivals. She received a grant of $20,000 from the Australian Film Commission for Disappeared, her last short film.

How do you use your space?

I love the way the sun comes into the space on winter afternoons. It’s a small space but it’s wonderful having a place for reflection about art. My art practice often uses ink and watercolour on Arches paper so I enjoy covering the walls with paper and experimenting. Sometimes I use video in my art practice so I also use the studio for editing.