Photographic Artist working in Meat Market

About Dianna Wells 

I am a photographic artist using medium format analogue cameras and digital processes to create large photographic works. My work explores themes related to the intersection of the natural landscape and the built environment primarily on Melbourne’s edge. With the rapid expansion of Australian suburbs and a fragile environment, I have been interested in creating an emotional response within the depiction of the ‘ordinary’ within these landscapes.

I have exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Australia and will be exhibiting in London as a shortlisted finalist in the Renaissance Photography Prize in November 2015.

I also run a design studio, Dianna Wells Design, which I have owned for over 20 years. Recent projects have included exhibition design for “Rallying the Spirits” – an Anzac Day anniversary exhibition for The National Sports Museum; and an international touring identity and promotional posters for the Australian Chamber Choir. I am also a sessional lecturer in Communication Design at Monash University.

How do you use your space?

I use my studio at The Meat Market for researching and thinking about projects, looking at images, editing photographic images, looking at books, writing proposals and creating designs on my computer.