Artist working in Boyd School Studios

About Kristin

I try and keep historical photographic elements present in the modern by blending analogue practices with modern digital. While I work with film and darkroom wet processes, I also take advantage of modern technology to see how a print can take multiple forms.

At the moment I am working with Lumen prints, a process using black and white photographic darkroom paper and exposing it with sunlight. The prints are then digitally scanned, then fixed with darkroom chemicals, then scanned again. Amazing colours and tones appear on the black and white paper.

My practice changes regularly. Sometimes I work purely for artistic purposes and at others I incorporate my love for documentary work. Over the years I've found I use photography as another way of seeing, isolating items and exploring the ordinary to gain a sense of identity and connection to place.  

How do you use your studio?

The space is divided into areas for specific purposes. I have a 'wet area' for messy work, a photographic shooting area where I can control the light, and desk workspace for computer work and writing. It continually changes.