Arts Organisation working in Meat Market

Creative Spaces LAB-14 Residency 1

15th January 2016 – 25th March 2016

About A is for Atlas

Lead artists on the residency are Artistic Director Xan Colman and company members Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez and Jamie Lewis.

A is for Atlas collaborates across disciplines to find new process, new perspective, new potential. We provoke artist and audience to collide, reshuffle, and approach what’s next together. A is for Atlas makes contemporary performance. Our work traverses multi-form practice collaborations, community development practice, collaborative cross-cultural practice and collaborations between arts and non-arts disciplines.

Founded in 2006, A is for Atlas has been resident at the Meat Market in North Melbourne since 2010. The company’s acclaimed work includes the post-punk cabaret disruption HERACLES HIGH 5 (2010, Arts House), the Beckett/Shostakovich centennial installation I START AGAIN (2006, Abbotsford Convent), the enigmatic one-on-one IN THE ABSENCE OF SUNLIGHT (2009), the contemporary classical QUARTET/THE RAZOR (2009/2012), the subterranean NOEXIT (2012) and DINING ROOM TALES (2011-16).

The core mission of A is for Atlas is to develop a sustainable contemporary performance practice that is inter-disciplinary, socially progressive and community connective. It is about art that matters, it is about making it with rigour, and it is about utilising both the outcomes and processes as material that serves to promote empathy and resist apathy. It is resilience thinking.

Live, inter-disciplinary, connective and catalytic, Dining Room Tales is a project in social resilience. It cultivates cross-community connection to narratives of place, culture, family, and life practices both traditional and contemporary which inform the way our society can better function through harmony. It is a neat standard bearer for our work, in terms both of practice and ethics, encouraging critical conversation about who we are as a society, and the future we approach together.






About the Residency

Our residency at Carlton Connect Lab-14 Studio will be a focal research laboratory investigating how our Dining Room Tales practice can improve its social resilience agenda through an intrinsic engagement with the ethics of food in the 21st century. We will be working to advance each of our current Dining Room Tales projects in development along their respective workplans, while layering this new practice research into each.

We will also begin developing two related performance works: one focussing on the relation­ship of mother-in-law/daughter-in-law to explore how food impacts the merger of family and culture through marriage; the other exploring the statistical representation in performance of qualitative data from community narratives about food. In short, we’re looking at social resilience through food, storytelling, and performance.

We anticipate staging a number of meals, at which the public can come and engage with this work, meet its makers, and contribute to its ongoing development.

There will be numerous points of potential public interaction (or ‘open studio’) along the way.