Engineers and Scientists


Prevaricated Frequencies


24th June – 25th October 2015


The Dirty Dozen
Campbell Arcade,
Degraves Street Underpass, 
Melbourne 3000

About Skunk Control

Skunk Control is a group of engineers, educators and scientists from the College of Engineering and Science, Victoria University. The group’s aim is to communicate art through science and science through art via installations that prompt investigation and engage the feelings of excitement that define the process of discovery.

Although one senses the disquiet that follows the suggestion that science and the arts are deeply compatible, the suggestion is anything but absurd. Great advances in science and the arts have historically followed one another. Both continue to ask questions of their audience and both anticipate an audience to aspire towards a truth. Both have frequently been denounced and demonised yet both praised and looked upon as testament to what a cultured society can achieve.

Skunk Control collectively runs a number of diverse community outreach programs that are designed to demystify science and demonstrate the synergies between art and science. Members of the group run the university’s community based general science units and the foundation studies program.

Skunk Control was the winner of the People’s Choice Award of last year’s Gertrude Street Projection Festival.

The below video was produced in conjunction with Skunk Control's The Dirty Dozen exhibition and outreach program.

Skunk Control Exhibited at The Dirty Dozen from June - October 2015