Architectural Drafter and Audio Engineer working in River Studios

About Bess

Bess Mendiola is currently in her 3rd year studying Architecture at RMIT and also working part-time as an architectural drafter. She has also finished Bachelor of Audio Engineering at SAE College back in 2009 and has a strong background in Photography started at an early age. She has done mainly collaborative works in the past within the music scene and in animated film. Binding this all together comes an interesting form of expression, a concept.  A vivid imagination towards a design, music, a photograph and or perhaps Life in general.

Currently, Bess has been concentrating mainly on the Architecture side of the game and has been preoccupied with tons of projects and side projects producing designs and 3D models for work, Uni and several design competitions.

Bess is constantly hunting for core ingredients on how to design something that can converse and engage with its surroundings' living & non-living elements.

How will you use your space?

As an Architectural Drafter with a strong background in Photography and in Sound Engineering, I will be using this space as the backbone of all my design processes and ideas. I'll divide the space and so as my brain in three parts:

1 Architectural model-making and drafting

2 Photography (film & digital)

3 Music & Sound Editing

I’m very excited to be a part of this very inspiring community and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the space, playing with the space, and also interacting with co-artists at River Studios.