Artist working in River Studios

About Sophia

"I am a 25-year-old artist and Higher Degree Research (Masters of Fine Art) candidate at Monash University. My work is concerned with the intersection of art and politics, particularly the intersection of art and activism. I focus on the sensation and experience of protests, drawing on my experience as an anti-coal activist. I aim to extend the event of the protest, bringing the gestures, materials and intensity of the activist direct action into the art world: simultaneously altering and opening the already-overfull moments that characterise civil disobedience. I am interested in the slippery relationship between protests and performance art, and in the sculptural traces left behind by both practices.

"I have a non-fiction writing practice that constitutes part of my art practice. I like to write about the ways in which our art can help us to experiment with alternative ways of living as political beings."

How do you use your space?

My practice involves a lot of old-fashioned messy sculpture-making. The project spaces then give me a great opportunity to test-out those works in a gallery-like setting.

I also love having a coffee with other licensees in the communal spaces – I have met so many interesting artists and general cool people in my year here.

One of the nicest things about River is the location. On my breaks I like to wander down to the Heavenly Queen temple, or up to the docks.