3D Printers working in River Studios

About Heromods

Heromods is a 3D printing company developed by James Boldiston and Diane Vu. After 15 years working in TV/Film, making apps and publishing eBooks, the decision was made to move to the evolving 3D print space. In 2014 with no experience in 3D printing, a best practice was developed that in 2016 is a business selling models around the world and licensing with iconic film, game and sports brands.  

From the workspace in studios, models, designs and e-fulfilment is delivered working with designers around the world to produce 3D miniature figurines of the highest quality.

With a head office in Melbourne, HEROMODS has agents in three countries and continues to explore new developments in 3D printing.  Within the next 5 years, 3D printing will evolve into rapid desktop delivery in the home and HEROMODS looks to provide the models and toys that home users will print.

How do you use your space?

We jam as much into our space as we can - 3D design space, pack and ship at the back, desk spaces to admin the business, breakout couch space, loads of storage. There are three logical spaces that allow the most use with the least effort. We spend most days in the studio and the concentration of effort it gives us is fantastic.