Photographic Artist working in River Studios

About Isobel

Isobel Taylor-Rodgers uses elements of the humorous and kitsch to analyse how we live, as well as our creation of, struggle with and attempt to preserve our self-identity.  She is also concerned with how this self-identity is manipulated or put into question by external influence. Taylor-Rodger’s work places a level of responsibility on the viewer, creating scenes that are initially laughable or humorous but deteriorate upon greater inspection. The works become neither genuinely funny nor ironic, but heartbreaking and indifferent.

“They are deliberately funny and then not; gimmicky and suddenly serious, and the works show cracks, flaws, an off-ness that leaves them deeply unsettling. Taylor-Rodgers strives to deliver the unease, the guilt, the grating self-reflection of realising ‘that’s not really funny.”

                                    - Beth Rose Caird

Taylor-Rodgers works predominantly with digital media, producing both photographic and video pieces. She is most frequently the subject of her own work, though rarely herself.  Isobel has a penchant for the cheap, mass-produced items of $2 shops, which feature, or function as props in most of her work.

Isobel has a BFA in Fine Art Majoring in Photography from The Victorian College of the Arts and was awarded The Chin Chin Wall of Art prize at her graduate exhibition, she has exhibited nation wide and has works in private collections across Australia and the UK. Isobel is a co-founder of Taylor | Kelly Productions, a company focused on creating affordable marketing packages for emerging entertainment and arts industry professionals and is the 2016 Director of Girls on Film Festival, a film festival devoted to creating intersectional spaces and showcase local and international films from a feminist perspective. 

How do you use your space?

I've always really needed a clean, quiet and well organised space to begin my practice, I used my studio as a place of reflection and consideration, for academic study, for the creation of my work and a place to play and explore my practice freely.