Photographer working in River Studios

About Rory

"Early on in life I had a great passion for fine arts and was fortunate in my teens to be awarded young artist of the year in a competition run by the Herald Sun. This award gave me the opportunity to work with some fine artists of the time, showing me many different working methods, including a studio based approach, with minimal props, an aesthetic that can still be seen in much of my work today.

"From 2000 - 2002, I completed my Bachelor of Arts, with Honors, at RMIT university, Melbourne.

"After completion I travelled to Sydney where I spent several years working as a commercial advertising artist. I’ve worked with some of the big name Brands in Fashion and Advertising over the past 10 years out of Sydney and was able to grow invaluable contacts, knowledge and skills during this exciting time.

"The great benefit of working initially as a commercial advertising artist was the discipline I received from working to a brief, working within a budget and sticking to deadlines. This education is crucial to all disciplines of art practice.

"I ran a successful commercial advertising business for 7 years, but my passion was always in non-advertising fine arts, which I have always pursued throughout my career. My commercial style has always had an artistic bias. If there was little creative aspects to a job, I tended not to accept.

"Several years ago I was able to finally leave the commercial advertising world to return to my home town of Melbourne and once again work on my non advertising endeavours full time.

"The last several years I have been showcasing my work in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions across Sydney and Melbourne with positive reactions to much of my work."

How do you use your space?

I use the space for a few different purposes:

1. Study area. So general computer work / research.

2. A photographic studio, including light setup. I also use this space to setup backdrops, which are quite large hence the large space I lease. I use the lights in conjunction with the backdrops.

3. An assembly point for final image presentation.