Artist working in River Studios

About Meg

Meg Stoios lives and works in Melbourne. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the VCA in 2012. Recently she has exhibited as a solo artist in ACCA’s Pop Up space, 2013 and at Kings ARI, 2014 and in group shows at Moana ARI, Perth, New Sincerity, 2014 and The Aesthetics of Disengagement, 2013. She curated a group show Drawing and Anarchy at Kings ARI in 2015.

How will you use your space?

One of the problems with working from home is that you can’t have all of your things around you when you need them and you have to keep putting them away. There’s no room to move. You’re not supposed to nail things into the walls and if your housemates have a pet you have to be careful. Working at River Studios is suitable for me because it is designed to make work in! Space is the most important thing - space to move tools and materials in.