Photographer working in River Studios

About Giulia

Hi! I am Giulia, I was born in Italy and I moved to Melbourne in 2012. I work as a freelance photographer. My focus is on still photography, food and interior, but I love to work on creative portraiture and different projects as well.

Photography is my world, I never go anywhere without my camera, I love the fact that a photograph has so much communication power. My hope is to use my work to talk and create awareness on topics that are not always spoken about.

I am always looking forward to creative collaborations with different artists and to start a new exciting project.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

River Studios attracted my attention because it is not only a space to work in but it has also a creative community attached to the space. High ceilings, location and creative vibe make the studio the perfect place for a photographer.