Graphic Designer working in River Studios

About Samuel

Samuel is currently studying his undergraduate degree in Communication Design at Monash. He makes work that is centred around themes of language, production, distribution and knowledge sharing. His practice includes commercial and personal work all of which is approached from a graphic designer’s perspective.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

River Studios first came to my knowledge conversationally as a very affordable space for creatives to rent studios, which is obviously always of interest. More conversations and some of my own research led to the realisation it was a creative space that was well run and allowed independence for residents to cultivate and facilitate the type of studio environment they needed. Above all I got the impression it was a positive and nurturing environment. A studio is crucial to my practice both in terms of productivity and improvement. It is essential for me to have a strict separation of leisure and work and having a space distinct from where I live is very important so I can create that ritual and routine of going to a space that is where I focus on learning and working. Outside of literally having a space to allow me to have all my materials and equipment in one area, I’m very interested in how I can incorporate the studio as a part of my practice and cultivate an environment that is in many ways my own personal school, with my own curriculum and schedule, that will feed back into the work I do in the studio. I plan to embrace the community that I’m now lucky to be a part of and hopefully contribute to it in my own way.