Collage Artist working in River Studios

About Wendy

My interest in collage began while I was on a six-month exchange to Rhode Island School of Design, USA, during my Honours studies at Sydney College of the Arts (2005-2008).

It seemed to be a natural extension to my printmaking studies at SCA - using readymade printed material rather than creating an original printed image. At times, I have also run my collages through the printing press, marrying the two mediums together.

During my Master of Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong (2010-2012), I expanded my research into the ideas of memory, nostalgia and culture. For my graduating exhibition I took collage off the paper and perched it on pins to float on the wall. 'The Memory Collectors' pinned collages to the wall representing pseudo-machines floating amongst us while they collected and distributed our memories. This work reflected on the notions of individual and collective memory, and questioned the realness of memory.

The surreal, the strange, the absurd and the humorous are good bedfellows for collage. I'm curious to see what will happen when I put different images together. In 2016, I relocated to Melbourne to focus on my art practice and be part of its creative art scene.

What attracted you to the space and what makes you think it is suitable for your practice?

I wanted to give more focus to my art practice and felt a space outside of the home would be a better option. There was limited space, household distractions and I felt artistically isolated.
By working in River Studios I feel it is more of a commitment and provides contact with other creative professionals (it’s the vibe). It’s also close to the city and other creative venues, has nearby public transport and secure 24/7 access. It ticks all the boxes.

I now have more physical space to develop larger works in collage and still have room for my materials and mess.