Artist working in River Studios

About Wendy

Wendy Neilson is an Artist: a Painter and a Printmaker. She creates abstracts that reference elements of nature in an intuitive way. She works with shape, line and colour, developing layers of interest, texture and depth. Wendy works on a number of pieces at once, working back and forward, playing with translucent and opaque qualities of ink and paint.

Wendy has a Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts, and has worked as an Art Educator for over 16 years. She owns littlesmARTysstudio, a private art studio for children, located in Surrey Hills where she offers artistic experiences to inspire young people. As a constant learner, Wendy aspires to develop her own innate creativity and to connect with local artists.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

I am looking forward to having my studio space set up to play with paint and inks, developing my ideas further and to see where this new venture takes me.