Artist and Writer working in River Studios

About Richard

Richard Mclean has been an arts educator, musician, film maker, photographer. Currently his interest is in writing and painting. As a painter he is interested in the polarity of the relationship between art and nature, surface and depth, technique, planning and spontaneity, ego and the unconscious. This results in a fascination in the line between the figurative and the abstract. He professes a love of material culture of oil painting.

About Matthys

Matthys Mclean is a Melbourne based artist who uses abstract and contemporary styles informed by neo-Expressionist explorations in the mediums of paint and ink on canvas and paper. Matthys returned from a residency in Berlin last year where he worked on producing electronic music and photography, taking inspiration from the industrial areas and immersing himself in the street art culture and the rich music scene

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

Richard sees the studio as containment, focus and springboard to inner and outer realities.He also hopes to develop and take part in the community of the River Studios. Matthys has the intention of using the space for research and development of ideas and to be around a community of creatives.