Artist working in River Studios

About Malcolm

Malcolm Lloyd is a Melbourne based practising artist, who looks at the means in which we communicate through drawing, figurative abstraction and text based works.
Malcolm has been in several solo and a number of group exhibitions as well as curating a range of group exhibitions & events of performance & live art.
He has worked in the industry as a gallery technician at various institutions & private galleries around Melbourne as well as high schools, working closely with students and teachers. 
His work is held nationally and Internationally. He graduated through the RMIT bachelor program.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

I will use the studio as a creative space to focus on my drawing and other aspects of my practice. Also as a place where I can develop ideas for shows, inviting other artists to visit and discuss or bounce ideas back and forward. 

The River Studio complex seems very well run and maintained, with a very professional and organized attitude & I think that this would be a good environment to work in. 

The use of an abandoned building to a create an artists' community is a great idea and is something I fully agree with and would like to support and be a part of.