Painter working in River Studios

About Troy

My name is Troy Argyros. I am a third generation Greek Australian, born in 1990 to single mother Helen in the Melbourne suburb of Malvern East. My art practice focuses on representational drawing and painting and loosely follows 19th Century French Academic methodology, which I studied at The Florence Academy of Art on a scholarship in 2014. One of my primary interests when making art is the faithful study of light. I continually strive to attain the highest level of beauty possible, as I believe it is in the presence of beauty that we have some of our most transcendent experiences. Nature and The Old Masters are my greatest teachers, and I pursue this important craft with humility and gratitude to them.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

I asked a fellow painter if she knew of any studios with soft natural light, and she mentioned River Studios. Not long after that conversation I saw an ad for a studio space at River Studios on the Creative Spaces website. I attended the walk through and was pleased with the light and could envision myself working there. I will be using the space to make traditional realist oil paintings. The window to the left in studio 2.28 will illuminate my subject, canvas and palette, with an even distribution of natural light, resulting in a comfortable and efficient painting experience and a unified end product.