Artist working in River Studios

About Nicole

Nicole Bilinski is an Australian self-taught artist, specialising in coloured pencil drawing. When she’s not playing with her pencils, she dabbles in a variety of other mediums such as ink, pastels, textiles and digital illustration.

She is drawn to things both strange and wonderful and her latest project involves creating button-eyed rag dolls out of linen and then producing intricate photorealistic coloured pencil drawings of each doll in a moment of action.

Nicole is driven by a desire to transport her audience back to that time when they were children and they believed anything was possible, like unicorns. She created her brand ‘little bit sane’ to explore that curiosity with the imagined world and to give it life.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

I love that I can have my own private studio, yet work side by side with other creatives. I plan on drinking hot cups of tea and listening to Birds of Tokyo while I create. Ok and a little bit of Kanye.