Sculptor working in Boyd School Studios

About Ellen

Ellen Sayers born 1992, lives and works in Melbourne, she studied Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts graduating in 2014. Sayers was awarded the Majilis Encouragement Award at the 2014 Victorian College of the Arts Graduate Show.

She was selected as Peoples Choice Award for the Montalto Sculpture Prize 2016, Red Hill.

Currently, Sayers is developing new works where she hopes to combine her love of architecture, sculpture and landscapes together. Working through a process of photography and drawing, Sayers' work explores the interplay of the natural forms through the Australian Landscape, drawing inspiration from site visits and early childhood memories of growing up on a small dairy farm.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

I loved the natural light, it was during the afternoon that we saw the space and the afternoon sun was beaming through the window and I just found it was beautiful. I plan to work through new ideas which I have been limited with of recent. To go bigger and bolder!