Artist working in River Studios

About David

David Morton is a Melbourne based artist, best known for his dark and visceral large scale monochrome collage work. In 2015 David graduated from Monash University with a BA in Visual Communication Design (Honours) and was awarded the the 2015 Tokyo Type-Directors Prize in the Experimental category.

Combining digital inversions and physical alterations he establishes a monochrome aesthetic that creates a dark and familiar connection to humanity, that is often beautifully dark and jarring.

David’s dark medium explores an ever-twisting view on humanity, life, death and narcissism. His work is not only an exploration outwards but also a journey inwards portraying his emotions in all aspects of his work.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

I tend to work in a dark medium that consumes and takes over my living space. Having a separated space dedicated to my medium means I can think, create and develop myself further. River studios has a great industrial aesthetic to it which I think also resonated with me. I like buildings with a bit of character and grit.