Marbling (Ebru) Artist working in River Studios

I graduated from Master’s of Digital Media in College of Arts-Victoria University. I have a Bachelor’s background in Sociology and eight years of experience in education sector. I started to work on traditional Ebru art early in 2015 and have been practicing it since then.
During all my professional life, I had the urge to play with colors and use my creativity to produce tangible artifacts that reflect my vision and the way I see the world. I am an amateur photographer, painter and a professional Ebru artist. The moment I noticed that Ebru is the right form of art for me, I quit my job and focused all my energy in practicing this art. When I came to Melbourne, while studying I was sure that I would be going to continue practicing ebru in some kind or form.
Now, I plan to focus on my art and turn it into a business in collaboration with my friend Ezgi. In the near future, we want to start creating ebru designed products and running workshops across Melbourne in order to introduce this beautiful and traditional form of art to all art enthusiasts.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

When I started searching for a place, I had three things in mind: Convenient location – affordable and budget-friendly rent and a cozy atmosphere where I could practice privately yet have a chance to interact with other artists and be inspired by their work.
The River Studios, meets all of my expectations : I live nearby so I will be able to access to my studio easily and on an ongoing-basis. Secondly the rent is really affordable when compared to other options. I believe I will find the combination of freedom and collaborative environment together which will definitely cultivate my creativity. Having a studio will also help me to practice for festivals, exhibitions and workshops that I intend to take part in.