Marbling Artist working in River Studios

I was born in Turkey, and started my Ebru (Marbling) Art career in Istanbul, 2016. Ebru is an art form can be described as painting on water surface.The results of marbling art process are unique and it is never possible to achieve the same design again.
This traditional art influenced and encouraged me to reach the masses who may find peace, passion and fun while painting.
Now, with my friend Eda, I would like to improve my skills and teach Ebru Art to adults and children, do workshops and presentations, design marbled goods and perform at special events in both traditional and modern styles.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

The River Studios' convenient location, affordable budget and cosy atmosphere with unusual architecture design attracted me. The studio is suitable for daily practice which allows me to improve my skills, increase my productivity and provides opportunity to interact with other artists to cultivate my creativity. In addition to, having a studio will give me a chance to practice for festivals, workshops, presentations, designing marbled goods.