Textile Artist & Illustrator working in River Studios

Frances was always compelled to draw and create beautiful things, whether it was sketching or making art, it was the foundation upon which she has built her life. A lifetime of creating art has lead Frances to pursue her own business, called Rainbow Healing Arts. Her business is a synthesis of inspired textile art, design and therapy, offering colourful, hand painted and printed scarves, wall hangings, and illustrations, coupled with specialist art therapy sessions and workshops. Frances’s creative work gifts her clients with sensitivity and reflection, juxtaposed with creative self-expression, stimulating inner peace and connection to the natural world.

Frances lives and works in Melbourne and her stunning artwork demonstrates a synthesis of her love of the natural world, including birds, animals, beautiful colours, flora and fauna, integrated with her curiosity for the mystical, people, their culture and spirituality. Many of Frances’s inspirations can be traced back to her pre-professional days, living in Jamaica, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Frances studied at Winchester School of Art and at La Trobe University, where she was awarded her BA (Hons) in Textiles and Fashion Design and a Masters of Art Therapy respectfully. Frances has been employed by Dovedale Fabrics, Sheridan Australia, and Brinton’s Carpets, and created their bespoke designs and ranges. Previous to this, Frances was a founder member and partner of the design agency Fabric 8, an avant-garde business selling unique; hand printed ideas to international fashion houses. Frances is also a skilled lecturer employed by the RMIT and Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology, UK.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice? 

I am attracted to working at River Studios, Creative Spaces as my wish is to become part of a creative community once again. This is because I have previously had positive experiences working in successful, design studios, which I have been missing working independently. I aspire to work in a community space again because of the creative excitement and exchanges working with other artists and can see that my work flourishes creating in such a positive environment. I would also be thrilled at the prospect of collaborating with other artists.

River Studios offers me a suitable space for my practice because I feel that I would be supported to grow and develop my business, whilst also learning from fellow artists, which would in turn increase my confidence in promoting myself and selling my artwork. River Studios space would also provide me with the facilities that I need to operate my business and the studio environment would allow me to have a dedicated space for my art making, giving my work the time and importance it deserves.