Artist working in River Studios

Karima Baadilla is a multidisciplinary artist with an interest of working through “ugly” things through the process of making. She wades through issues of mental health, bodily representations and identity through sculptural ceramic works and paintings. She is interested in transforming thoughts, perceptions and memories into colours, shapes, shadows, lines and textures – giving them a space in order to reconfigure their previous meanings.

Karima is a co-director of The Artists Guild - a social enterprise with a focus of championing women in the Arts - www.theartistsguild.com.au

When she isnt at her studio , she will probably be on the couch with her dogs.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice? 

I have always wanted a studio at Riverstudio, a few friends have had theirs here, and so now I want one.  I love how close it is to where I live, and its affordability is also high on the list.

I want somewhere where I could spread out a bit as I seem to have outgrown the home studio, and have a dedicated space for some new work (fingers crossed) for this year.