Artist working in River Studios

Andrew Koniuszko is a commercial 3D Artist who has recently adopted drawing and painting as key processes in his practice.

Andrew has always been captivated by architecture, the built form and the potential to visually inhabit an image. Through highly considered and sometimes surreal imagery, he invites the viewer to explore his work and generate their own narrative.

Having developed his visual language thoroughly in digital media, Andrew sees the creative platforms of drawing and painting as a natural evolution to his practice. He sees the potential of traditional and digital media informing each other, producing a powerful opportunity to create a connection between the subject and viewer.

A long-time explorer and pusher of self-imposed boundaries; Andrew is dedicated to continued learning, he has studied Architectural Visualization in Venice, Italy and has graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from RMIT University.

Andrew’s continued professional practice is both self-directed and guided by local and international artists. He resides in Kensington, Victoria.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice? 

River Studios in West Melbourne is the embodiment of what sparks inspiration in artists: it’s a well-designed open space full of creative potential and stories waiting to be told, nestled in one of the most vibrant and eclectic Melbourne locations.

I see my artistic practice evolving together with others and I can see River Studios acting as a strong conduit for creative collaboration.

With my home having become slowly overrun with art supplies, River Studios offers the perfect space to set up an environment dedicated to my practice and the quiet contemplation of what could be.