Designer/Architect/Artist working in River Studios

My practice investigates an interdisciplinary creative terrain encompassing installation, design, architecture, and craft, with the intention of building new ways of understanding the role of design. I am interested in research led projects which require a multifaceted approach to both theoretical and technical outcomes.

A graduate of the VCA School of Art, I have pursued a career in design and fabrication, having been employed as an artists assistant and furniture designer successively.

Currently a post-graduate student at the Melbourne School of Design, I am in the process of developing a CNC drawing machine in order to conduct research around the nature of architectural representation and digital augmentation.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

The River Studios space appealed to me on an architectural level due to it's considered floor plan, generous studio dimensions and provision of natural light.

The communal dimension of the facility is appealing, with colleagues and friends also present in the building.

Additionally the allocation of installation spaces and large project spaces is an excellent asset.

The space provides a good setting for me to pursue different kinds of projects without limitations.