15 April 2014

    Want the right person for your space? Then show off the goods!

    Good photography is essential to a successful Creative Spaces listing. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and hire a photographer, but it does mean taking a little time to style your space and get it looking its best.

    We’ve put together some tips for optimising your photos.

    Tips for Taking Good Photographs

    • Lighting: make sure your spaces are well lit. If there’s not a lot of natural light, try turning on lamps and other lights.
    • De-clutter: work with current occupiers to ensure desk spaces are clean and tidy and shared spaces are clutter-free. It’s a good excuse to tackle that filing you’ve been putting off.
    • Photograph into a corner: standing back as far as you can, photograph into a corner in order to get the fullest picture of the space on offer.
    • Highlight the highlights: if there’s something special or unique about your space, don’t just write about it, show it off. Shots of courtyards, recording equipment, foosball tables, indoor forests ­– these things will help set you apart from the rest.
    • The more the merrier: take as many photos as you can. People like to get a good idea of a space before they venture out and visit. Space listings with more photographs tend to get more enquiries than those with one or two.

    Benefits of taking good photos:

    • Your listing is more likely to be featured in our featured listings
    • You will get more enquiries
    • You’ll probably like your space more with it looking spiffy
    • Our users will be better informed, reducing the number of random questions you might be asked

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