Dirty Dozen Exhibition: Spatial Material Dialogue


    16 January 2017

    Spatial / Material Dialogue - an exhibition by Phebe Parisia and Rebecca Delange at The Dirty Dozen, Campbell Street Arcade (Flinders Street Station underpass to Degraves Street)

    22 November 2016 - 30 January 2017

    A material dialogue between two artists on form, reflection and enclosure through the action of inverting and rearranging historical strategies of collage and assemblage.

    Phebe Parisia generates abstract installations that examine the relationship between aesthetics and affect. Her works feature evolving configurations of utilitarian materials including synthetic industrial fabrics, repetitive line drawings and altered media imagery. The work often involves the creation of temporary structural devices or motifs such as screens, or walls within the space, which ‘perform’ a permanence or solidity. However, this sense of stability in the work is undermined by soft fabrics and the visually jarring patterns enacted by the artist’s obsessive process of line drawing. Invoking historical precedents including Brutalism and Minimalism, Parisia’s work expresses an anxious integration of seemingly binary visual forms or experiences, apt in the digital age.


    Rebecca Delange’s practice is centrally concerned with the creation of provisional, object-based installation and sculpture.  She investigates chosen motifs as both objects and ideas in order to create a material dialogue between inherent and attributed meaning.  Delange’s practice explores the ways in which a sense of the psychological and unseen can be articulated in the material for the viewer. She is interested in how an object-based sculptural language can potentially create semiotic slippage that evokes other metaphorical meanings.


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