14 March 2018

    Tegan Bell is an artist interested in forming a sustainable and environmentally engaged practice. Her early work was largely built on conventional notions of portraiture and life drawing, a mode of working which soon became stagnant for her as she sought to challenge the basis of her own art making. Through the destruction and recycling of her previous work to create in a series of new works Tegan found a true basis for an environmentally friendly art practice, as well as a new way to consider the life cycle of an artist’s creative output. This concept of “eco- art” is an interest that she continues to develop and build on along with new ideas of ephemeral art, expanding the philosophy of wabi-sabi aesthetics and the beauty of imperfection.

    Her latest work Growth 2017, featured in the Capsule, was created from a mixture of fine art portraits and previous “eco paper” she created while completing her Bachelor of Fine Art. Tegan was drawn to the idea of leaving the Capsule as she found it, with remnants of it’s previous inhabitants still visible and working with what was in the space, using the existing hooks to hang the work and the existing lighting to highlight the colour and texture of the work.

    The Capsule came as a perfect opportunity to see how the work would adapt to an environment out of a conventional gallery setting. Tegan found the challenge of a mirrored backing and reflective glass interesting to work through, as previous series have generally only been visible from one side, the addition of the reflection exposed a raw side of the work that before had not been highlighted.

    Category Exhibitions