Visual Artist

Stef Harris


Stef Harris is a Melbourne based emerging artist working from Schoolhouse Studios in Collingwood. Graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Art from Deakin University, Stef has gone on to develop and expand her practice completing courses in a variety of artistic disciplines and subject areas including ceramics and colour and design. Her work is held in private and corporate collections in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and internationally (Canada and New Zealand), and she has exhibited at various galleries across Melbourne.

Stef’s vibrant, non-objective paintings celebrate the expressive power of colour. Through the use of a bold, highly pigmented vocabulary of abstract forms, Stef explores chromatic relationships and their profound ability to express and evoke human emotion.

Often working on a large scale with fields of bright contrasting colours, Stef’s canvases reverberate with energy playfully beckoning the viewer, inviting them to investigate their own responses and associations with the chosen palette.

Stef Harris

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