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Grumpy Sailor

Grumpy Sailor


Founded in 2011, the HMAS Grumpy is piloted by Founder James Boyce, with an exceptionally talented leadership team at his side. Grumps is a band of misfits; each team member has taken their own weird and wonderful road to land at our doorstep, and that’s one of our greatest strengths.

Emerging as a born-digital creative studio, Grumpy Sailor served as both an in-house and external R&D arm for Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney.

Since then, Grumpy Sailor have evolved to work closely with the cultural, not-for-profit and commercial sectors as a digital experience consultant, creating installations, experiences, exhibitions and interactive artworks.

Grumpy Sailor is an experience design studio. We use technology and story to design for space, place and screen. We design with people, for people.

From technology to theatre companies, cultural institutions to hospitals, we design immersive, interpretive and transformative experiences using digital technology.

We are a for purpose studio, united around leaving the world in a better state, for future generations.

We believe in the importance of a thriving arts and cultural life, accessible to all; gender equity and cultural diversity in technology and design; environmental sustainability and addressing climate change, and health and wellbeing in our community.

We strive to make the world that little bit better through the work we create.

Grumpy Sailor

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“We are united by a single purpose; to create experiences that change lives, communities & organisations for the better.”

Grumpy Sailor