Janine Hendry

Janine Hendry


The Guild of Objects is a Guild for all makers, artists and creatives; whether you are an everyday creative, an experienced creative, an “I need a career shift” creative, someone pursuing their creative journey as a side hustle, or wanting to explore your innate creativity for the first time.

The Guild of Objects is a Social Enterprise.

Our mission is to connect you; the creative, with the skills that you need to progress your creativity as well as your creative practice.

The Guild achieves this mission by supporting creatives in acquiring the skills and tools needed to develop a successful creative business. We accomplish this by running business focused workshops, mentoring programs and through the development of overseas inspiration study tours. We also have the facility to sell your wares in our store.

In pursuit of our support for all creatives the Guild runs an extensive number of workshops for all those seeking to connect with their own innate creativity.
All our workshops are artist lead and small, we take a maximum of 12 enrolments to give participants the opportunity to let your creative juices flow whilst connecting with some newfound friends around our Guild table!

Whether you're coming into the Guild of Objects to purchase handcrafted artisan wares, attend one of our creative workshops with a local Artist or to learn business skills from our experts, we welcome you to our studio right in the heart of the CBD on Hardware Lane.

Our hope is that when you leave our home; that whatever you purchased will be not just your new favourite thing but it will still be your favourite in 10 years’ time; the experience you had and what you created in the workshop at the Guild will leave you talking about how nourished and inspired you feel with your friends, and what you learned in your coaching session empowers you and your business, so much so that even your competitors are talking about your businesses success!

Janine Hendry

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“All change starts with an action and a belief in the possibilities”

Janine Hendry