Janine Hendry

Janine Hendry


Janine Hendry is a passionate advocate for social change. She has spent many years advocating for gender equality and the Guild of Objects reflects this passion.

The Guild of Objects is a Social Enterprise whose mission is to connect creative individuals with the skills needed to progress their creative practices.

The Guild achieves this mission by supporting creatives in acquiring the skills and tools needed to develop a successful creative business.

The Guild of Objects accomplishes this by running focused workshops and mentoring programs on things like Social Media, building your tribe, starting a new creative business, cash flow management and grant writing.

The Guild also runs design and inspiration study tours, these are artist lead tours and are designed for creative souls.

The Guild also runs an artist in residency program, which supports rural artists by providing them with accommodation in a city environment.

Janine is an interior architect a designer and an artist, she works with mixed media.

Janine Hendry

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“All change starts with an action and a belief in the possibilities”

Janine Hendry