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Scanlan & Makers


There’s an alchemy that occurs when the perfect colour in the perfect finish catches the perfect light. Instead of just looking good, suddenly the space feels different. It's part science, part art, and part magic; born of years of training and practice in the arts of painting and architectural colour creation.

Scanlan & Makers match colour by eye and apply custom wall treatments by hand in collaboration with designers, trades and clients to deliver a unique, beautiful space that feels incredible, every time you cross the threshold.
Scanlan & Makers is built from a belief that unique colour and true craftsmanship can have a positive impact on our experience of the built environment.

We approach every wall like a canvas, backed by the extensive technical knowledge required to ensure a finish that not only looks incredible but stands the test of time.

We are makers: artists, artisans, tradespeople, alchemists, problem solvers.

From standard commercial decorative finishes to site-specific custom surfaces, we approach every project with care and consideration; aiming to provide lasting value to our clients.

Founder, Director, Colour-obsessive-Clare Scanlan:

Clare’s life’s work is the art, science and alchemy of colour and texture.

Trained as both an artist and an artisan paint maker, Clare’s practice sits at the intersection of Architectural Design, Fine Art and Trade Painting and examines core questions about our relationship with colour in the built environment, the sustainability of our art and architectural products and practices, the provenance of colour itself, and the way we interact with and seek to personalise our private spaces.

Clare has a rare ability to scientifically formulate colour from scratch and communicate colour in a way that makes it accessible to a broad audience.

Scanlan & Makers

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“"I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for." - Georgia O'Keefe”

Scanlan & Makers