The 8th Day Studio

The 8th Day Studio


The 8th Day studio is a team of design people who are passionate about bring the joy of the 8th day to our customers.

Our services include wedding and event planing and design, workshops, creative home and corporation floral decor, and more.

Floral design and styling is our featured services for your 8th days, whether it’s a wedding, a promotion event, or a special occasion with your loved one.

The 8th Day Studio is a fusion of artistic expression, love for natural rhythms, and a deeper heart of design.

It is the manifestation of years of creative endeavours and a dedication to bringing the most beautiful and sustainable elements of nature and design into the framework of a celebration. We aim to present the most fascinating, gorgeous, and meaningful wedding and event for your special days with the beauty of floral arrangements, botanic arts, interior design, and the purity of colour by combining modern principles of design.

The 8th Day Studio

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