Creating a new art workshop in the heart of Melbourne !!

Creating a new art workshop in the heart of Melbourne !!

Type of space: Makerspace (Shared open space for making)

    We are Arthur and Chris, designers and craftsmen.

    Arthur Seigneur specialises in traditional French straw marquetry -

    Chris Tomoya is a designer and maker who specialises in small retail spaces -

    We are currently seeking 2 - 3 designers / artists / craftspeople to share a space with us.

    We have a prospective site in Collingwood (122 Johnston street), and are looking to lease the ground floor with a total of 250sqm of open usable space (approx. 4m high ceilings) plus around 30sqm for toilets and a small meeting room (approx. 280sqm total).

    We’d like to split the space equally amongst 4 - 5 people with each person getting around 40 - 50sqm. Whilst the rent is not confirmed we expect it to be around $900 - $1100 PCM including GST and outgoings each (around $11k - 13k per annum each). On a side not, as makers we know rent can be super expensive for a tiny sqm. We are not wanting to make money on this space but trying to split cost between all tenant so we can get a descent space for a descent price !

    The idea is that everyone sets up their own space with whatever equipment they require and run their businesses independently. We would potentially get some money from the landlord to fit out the space so we could all work and participate to create a really nice comunity/workshop. We’ve  both come from shared workshops so we’re hoping to build a nice work environment made up of like minded designers / artists / craftspeople!

    Also note that If this specific space in Collingwood falls through we'd still be keen to catch up with you to discuss other spaces as well, we are considering locations like: Brunswick East, Northcote, Brunswick, Thornbury, North Melbourne, West Melbourne, etc.

    If this sounds like something that you'd like to be a part of or want more info get in touch with Arthur on: 0401 312 106


    Arthur and Chris



    • Floor Dimensions 325.00 meters sq.
    • Ceiling Height High (3m - 4m)
    • Floorplan Download