in. Studio + Cafe

Type of space: Co-Working Space

    The workspace is yours to own, so you can develop your vision and your business.

    A space to live, learn and work.

    More than just a place to work, in. Studio + Cafe is a beautifully designed space where creative businesses, small companies, and individuals eat, drink and share ideas. Located on the edge of the city at the east end of Pirie Street, the workspace is yours so you can develop your vision and your business, get inspired and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

    in. Studio is a boutique office space with 18 flexible desks, 2 private offices plus breakout areas serviced by a fully equipped kitchen, air con/heating, toilets, meeting room, essential business centre and high speed internet. The two private office spaces have gorgeous timber framed glass sliding panels that will retain the natural light throughout. These spaces are perfect for 2-4 people.

    This space is suitable for Co-workingDesk-based work