Relocatable live/work modules for any space

Type of space: Live+Work Space (Residential+Work), Community Hall, Multi-use Space, Pop-up Space, Residency, Warehouse

    We have two mobile modular live-work units that are available for hire as a pair. They are designed to be rolled into a warehouse space to provide instant amenity without expensive investment in fit out.

    We call these units Pocket Houses because they only need a pocket of land to set up. The pocket house units can be used as a pop-up three bedroom live/work space or 3 office spaces with end-of-trip facilities. Together they provide a total of 20m2 mezzanine space, a kitchen, shower room and a small room/office.

    In the photos you can see them set up to operate as the core of a 3 bedroom home with living space spilling out into the main warehouse space.

    Pocket House unit A features:

    • kitchen downstairs (2.4m x 3.6m) with ample cupboard space, pantry, dishwasher, oven and stovetop
    • mezzanine space upstairs (4.8m x 2.4m) (the photos show this space set up as a bedroom with bathtub)

    Pocket House unit B featues:

    • shower room with steel cladding, double shower rose and hand crafted timber details
    • room (2.8m x 2.4m)
    • mezzanine space/room upstairs (3.6m x 2.4m)

    Space requirements

    With mezzanine: 

    • 4.8m high clear span space with access door at least 3.7m high
    • Both unit A & B need 2.4mx3.6m floor space
    • the mezzanine on unit A has a 1.2m overhang (total mezzanine size of unit A is 4.8 x 2.4)
    • stairs can be suspended between the two units, the configuration as shown in the photos has a foot print of 5.6 x 3.6m on the ground plane including both units and stairs

    Without mezzanine:

    • 2.6m high clear span space, with access door of the same height
    • each unit needs 2.4m x 3.6m floor space

    These units have been designed on wheels so that can be relocated relatively easily as the needs of the space evolve. We also believe that the fact they are on castors means the units are not considered to be structures and so are unlikely to require building permits to be installed, however the hirer will need to investigate the exact requirements with their local building authority.

    These units can be delivered to anywhere in Victoria or even interstate.

    We will charge a fee to cover moving the units to your site on a tilt-tray truck and rolling them into position and setting them up. The hirer will need to cover the cost of any plumbing and electrical works that may be required. 

    We built these units for an artist studio space that is closing down next month. :-( We spent of lot of time designing and building these units to provide extra floor space and amentity to allow us to cope with the rapidly rising rents, rates and taxes that followed the mass rezoning in City of Moreland. We would love to see them have a second life in another creative space and we've set the montly hire cost low accordingly.

    We are looking for someone who is interested in hiring these units for at least 12 months. We need to have an agreement with the hirer before the 22nd April, and we need to move the units out of our current space by the 6th May. After that date they may still be available as outdoor units, but the rate of hire will be significatly higher.

    Pricing Terms

    Please contact us for a quote for delivery and set up. Greater Melbourne locations will cost up to $2,000.

    This space is suitable for Openings/launches


    • Floor Dimensions 22.00 meters sq.
    • Ceiling Height Very High (4m +)
    • Floorplan Download