Reel to Reel Studios

Type of space: Sound Recording Studio

    Based in the hills of Margate, Tasmania. Designed with a rich warm acoustic tracking room, Reel to Reel Studios is unique in that it is the only recording studio to be built with the ground breaking acoustic properties of Timber Crete, a timber-concrete composite block. This in conjunction with a select choice of high-end boutique microphones, pre amps and EQ's makes Reel to Reel Studios a pleasure to record in for artists and bands of all genres. 

    We have three rooms available, a large 6x6 meter main tracking room with polished concrete floors, untreated hardwoods and timber crete brick. A smaller 3x6 meter vocal tracking room with hardwood floors and a mix control room. Situated deep in the hills of Margate, Tasmania, a perfect silent bush backdrop for artistic creativity and music production. 


    Pricing Terms

    $35 per hour without engineer

    $55 per hour with engineer

    This space is suitable for Music / Sound


    • Ceiling Height Standard (up to 3m)


    For audience
    • Accessible toilet

    • Audio description booth

    • Flexible layout