Rocklea Estate

Type of space: Multi-use Space, Art Gallery, Music Performance Venue, Open-air space , Rehearsal Space

    Rocklea Estate is the home of unique spaces, that welcomes all imaginations to create the perfect experiences against picturesque panoramas. Nestled away in the side of Barrengarry Mountain close to Kangaroo Valley, our secluded location makes Rocklea an ideal escape, to reconnect with nature and reinvigorate creativity. 

    At the heart of the Rocklea Estate story is a rich tale of Aboriginal heritage. The traditional Aboriginal owners of the land, including the Wodi Wodi tribe, originally nourished and cultivated the area and imprinted a legacy of deep spiritual connection to their surrounding nature.

    The buildings on the land were inspired by and designed to reflect their surrounding mountians, by the artisits who lived at Rocklea over a 20 year period. Our suite of dynamic spaces is invigorated by an ambience that achieves a delicate balance between the impressive craftsmanship of its architecture and immersive connection to surrounding nature.

    Seclusion, flexibility and spacious environments are yours with a range of spaces to choose from. A large indoor studio space, huge shaded decking overlooking breathtaking escarpment sunsets, a loft with sensational muiscal accoustics and a specially designed meditation tower are all on hand to inspire the most creative of souls.

    There are three main habitable buildings on the property;

    The Studio is a masterpiece of architecture. Set on 4 levels, with parking on the bottom, the most noticeable feature of the building is the space it allows. A dramatic spiral staircase leads to the first level which hosts a grand sandstone fireplace and lounge area, 1.5 bathrooms, and 3 large off-set rooms. Level one also hosts a generous open wooden space, ideal for performiong to groups or inside group classes. Upstairs again, the mezzanine level looks down onto level one and is an ideal platform for musicians and photographers. The final level is an eight-sided meditation tower looking over the vast landscape of Kangaroo Valley.  This building lends itslef perfectly to; musicians practicing and perfoming or art classes.

    The Homestead is a gorgeous and unique building, hosting one master bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms and multiple living spaces. From the sunroom dining space, the kitchen-dining area, the lounge-room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Valley escarpment, the cozy fireplace sitting area and the generous verandahs, this home has no shortage of lounge and entertaining spaces. The kitchen is state of the art, and would excite any keen cook. The dining space adjacent to the kitchen has large retractable windows which can completely open up allowing food to be served and outside guests to mingle freely with those inside.The homestead is the perfect accompanyment for practicing artisits in the larger studio space. It provides a range of cosy nooks and viewpoints, from which to find inspiration.

    The Dairy (literally an old dairy) is a cute small building with a large shaded deck area. This space is ideal for outdoor art classes. Overlooking the stunning valley escarpment and with room to spread out, artisits might find themsleves making friends with our resident wombats or singing along with the birds. 

    While the indoor spaces are unique, versatile and plentiful in their room to move and create your own ideal, Rocklea Estate’s outdoor playground cannot be overlooked. On 303 acres of land, Rocklea is host to diverse flora and fauna. A natural rainforest, a pine forest, landscaped gardens, kangaroos, foxes, lyre birds and more.

    Our Lemon Tree Hill provides a gorgeous and large natural ampitheartre which would be ideal for larger starry-night performances. 

    Set in amongst the broader landscape of Kangaroo Valley and Fitzroy falls, the opportunities for nature immersion are endless. For retreating artisits wanting to diversify their stay, we can organise guided walks, horse-riding, kayaking, Aboriginal culture tours and talks and more.

    Rocklea is a very private venue and we respect that some groups may want 100% privacy, which we can provide. We can also provide all the helping hands you need onsite, to curate your ultimate experience. This can include but is not limited to activities, adventures, outside catering, styling, performance furniture etc. A venue team member will be close by at all times to assist your needs.

     There is something truly other-worldy, inspiring and spiritual about Rocklea Estate, making it a one-of-a-kind creative space.

    All of this just two hours from Sydney.

    Connect with us today to talk about your ideal experience.


    Pricing Terms

    1. Booking of the property is exclusive. There will be no other clients using the property during your booked period.

    2. Price includes use of Studio, Homestead and Dairy on the property. It excludes use of other buildings.

    3. For over 30 people on site portaloos will need to be bought in.

    4. Price includes power, water and wifi. For excessive uses of a power a generator may need to be brought on-site.

    5. A venue staff member will be on the property/available to assist. This staff member has the right to deny access to the property to any additional guests/visitors.

    6. There is to be no 'parties' on the property, no loud music, and all music must be switched off by 10pm. Onsite staff member will have the right to dictate noise levels.

    7. A $1000 bond will be due upon booking and returned after booking date only if there is no damage, as inspected by on-site staff.

    8. Check-in to the property is 10am on day of booking and 12 noon on day after. Any additional hours will be charged at $200 per hour. This includes any external suppliers needing to come on-site outside the booking hours.

    9. Rocklea Estate reserves the right to refuse any booking or usage type.

    Parking Notes

    5 under-cover parking, and plenty of additional areas to park on-site.

    This space is suitable for Arts and CraftFilm LocationMeetingsOpenings/launchesPaintingPhotoshootsResidencyWriting


    • Floor Dimensions 500.00 meters sq.
    • Ceiling Height Very High (4m +)
    • Max. Capacity 40


    For audience
    • Flexible layout