The Dirty Dozen & Capsule

The Dirty Dozen & Capsule



EOIs close at 11.59pm on Sunday 4 August 2019. 

Creative professionals working in any medium or discipline are encouraged to apply, however, due to the nature of the space, two-dimensional hanging works are not suited and three-dimensional and sculptural works are preferred.

FREE for individuals, students and unfunded organisations. Please contact us for commercial rates.

The Dirty Dozen in Campbell Arcade is one of Melbourne's most intriguing exhibition spaces, located in an underground commuter walkway that runs from Flinders Street Station to Degraves Street.  

Capsule is a single, mirror-backed display case and ajacent signboard. Capsule is approx. 5.5mand 2.4m high. Artists may apply for both the Dirty Dozen and Capsule, or either seperately.  

Managed by City of Melbourne's Creative Spaces Program, this series of glass display cases provide opportunities for creative practitioners of all disciplines to put their work on public display.  

The Dirty Dozen in Campbell Arcade is open:
Monday to Friday 7.00am – 7.00pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday CLOSED.

Dirty Dozen Exhibitions to date:

Cattle and Cane
Ben Minkley, Kenny Pittock, Sean Miles, Jayson Ward, 
Brigid Hansen, Shitgardens (James Hull and Bede Brennan),
Maureen Hansen, Sally Molloy, Liss Fenwick,
Ben Sheppard, Camille Serisier, Ella Dunn
Curated by Brigid Hansen
15 January – 4 March 2018

Memory Palace 
Aaron Christopher Rees, Angela Louise Powell, Ben Taranto,
Darcy Smith, David Mutch, Jake Treacy, James Murnane 
Nanou Dupuis, Natasha Johns-Messenger, Noh Spivak 
Ria Green, Shengyang Zhu, Uri Auerbach, Vivian Cooper Smith
Curated by Jake Treacy
Design by Jessica Pitcher
13 November 2017 - 6 January 2018

Window Shopper
Seala Lokollo Evans, Dord Burrough, Toby Pola
Lauren Dunn, Grant Nimmo, Casey Jeffery
Ann Debono, Adam Stone, Paul Williams
Nicole Breedon, Alexandra Nemaric
15 September - 9 November 2017

In Between 
Katherine Hubble, Radha Russell, Michelle Stewart,
Dannielle Sturgeon-Eustace, Lauralai Wilson
Part of Radiant Pavilion
10 July - 9 Sept 2017

Dirty Dingo – Peter Waples Crowe 
Part of YIRRAMBOI Festival
6 May - 2 July 2017

Guides to Help You – Various Artists, curated by Tracy Sarroff
Aly Indermuhle, Brendan van Hek, Eugenia Raskopoulos, Kristen McIver,
Veronica Caven Aldous, Marc Freeman and Tracy Sarroff
14 February – 23 April 2017

Spatial/Material Dialogue
Phebe Parisia and Rebecca Delange
22 November 2016 - 30 January 2017

Cut - Various Artists
Simon Attwooll, Paul Compton, Rebecca Delange, Sue Durham, 
Elizabeth Gower, Stephanie Hicks, Savina Hopkins, Iolanthe Iezzi, 
Rachel O’Connor, Sally Smart, Jordan Wood, Heidi Yardley
13 September - 7 November 2016

Windows XII - Monash University Fine Art Honours Students
Maddy Anderson, Fleur Bain, Max Boland, Lara Chamas, 
Glen Clancey, Caspar Connolly, Robert Domanski, Joan Hanger, 
Silvi Kadillari, Lilly Kaiser, Amalia Lindo, Laetitia Olivier-Gargano, 
Madeleine Russo, Jennifer Rooke, Darcy Smith, Emilie Wright
5 July - 29 August 2016

The Museum of Connectivity - RMIT School of Art
Kay Beadman (Hong Kong), Katie Ho (Hong Kong), Jungwoo Hong (South Korea),
Tracy Lam (Hong Kong), Florence Li (Hong Kong), Helen Pun (Hong Kong),
Mathew Tsang (Hong Kong), Kawita Vatanajyankur (Thailand), Reilly Allen (Australia),
Michael Armstrong (Australia), Sofi Basseghi (Australia/Iran), Josephine Franklin (Australia),
Gary James (Australia), Pia Johnson (Australia), Carolyn Hawkins (Australia),
Lesley O’Gorman (Australia), Gabriel Tongue (Australia)
26 April - 20 June 2016

Fast and Slow Still - Naomi Nicholls 
1 March - 11 April 2016

The Dirty Dozen Xmas Show - Various Artists
1 December 2015 - 19 February 2016

Prevaricated Frequencies - Skunk Control
24 June - 25 September 2015

Below is a video exploring the work of Skunk Control during their 2015 exhibition at The Dirty Dozen:


Capsule is a unique exhibition and performance space located in the Campbell Arcade (a public commuter underpass). 

Recently refurbished, the space has mirrored walls and wooden floorboards, and lends itself to installation, exhibition and performative works.

The Capsule is open:

Monday - Friday 7.00AM – 7.00PM
Saturday 11.00AM – 5.00PM

Capsule Exhibitions to date:

Growth - Tegan Bell
15 January – 4 March 2018

Colloquial Disquisition - Maddy Anderson
12 September - 5 November 2017

Aesthetic Propaganda - Marko Radosavljevic
10 July - 3 September 2017

A Call to Dance - What Moves You? - Amrita Hepi 
Part of YIRRAMBOI Festival
9 May - 13 May 2017

Table Mountain - Richard Stringer
14 February - 23 April 2017

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